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Best Sunglass Brands For Small Faces

Best Sunglass Brands For Small Faces

Do you often find yourself saying, "Sunglasses are always too big to fit my face" or worrying about them slipping off when you look down? If so, you're not alone. Many of us struggle to find the right fit, as most sunglasses come in one size only. But fear not, we've curated a list of the best sunglasses brands that cater specifically to small faces, narrow faces, and petite heads.

Signs Your Sunglasses Are Too Big:

  • "Sunglasses are always too big to fit my face."
  • "I can never find sunglasses small enough to fit me."
  • "I’m nervous my sunglasses will fall off my face."

A quick test: put on your sunglasses, take a selfie, and check if the lenses extend beyond your temples. If they do, your sunglasses are likely too wide for your face.

Our Top Picks:

1. Memorí: Memorí specializes in designing sunglasses exclusively for smaller faces. With every pair crafted for a perfect fit for narrow and small faces, you can be confident that your sunglasses won't overpower your face. Handmade in Italy with premium materials, these sunglasses boast exceptional quality. With free shipping and returns, exploring their collection is risk-free. Act quickly, though, as each style is produced in limited batches of 200 pairs or fewer. Price: $220 - $330 USD

2. Ahlem: Rooted in French culture, Ahlem offers a diverse range of frames, most of which are designed with smaller faces in mind. While some styles may cater to wider faces, a visit to an Ahlem store can help you find the perfect fit. Enjoy the same high-quality materials as Memorí, with the added allure of a brand favored by celebrities like LeBron James. Keep in mind that the price tag reflects the brand's prestigious following. Price: $500 - $700 USD

3. Ray-Ban: While we acknowledge concerns about Ray-Ban's quality and pricing, they make the list due to their variety of frames in multiple sizes. Look for 55mm aviators, or 47/48mm hexagonal or round sunglasses for the smaller size suitable for small faces. Price: $135 - $260 USD

4. Amazon: For budget-friendly options, search "55mm Aviator sunglasses" on Amazon. Ensure the product description includes "100% UVA/UVB protection" or "UV 400" to guarantee eye safety. Remember, sunglasses should protect your eyes, and those without proper UV protection can do more harm than good. Price: $10-35 USD

In conclusion, finding the best sunglasses for small faces is about more than just style. Prioritize comfort, fit, and eye protection to ensure you not only look good but feel confident in your shades. Embrace your uniqueness with sunglasses that complement your small face perfectly!

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