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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Sunglasses for Small Faces

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Sunglasses for Small Faces
An in-depth guide covering various aspects of choosing sunglasses for small faces. We discuss frame styles, materials, and features that cater specifically to smaller facial proportions. Product recommendations and tips for a personalized fit are also discussed.


Step 1: Understand Lenses


  1. Crafting the Perfect Fit: A Lens-Sizing Revelation

A very simple, very impactful rule:  Lenses should not extend beyond your temples. When selecting sunglasses for small faces, ensure that the lenses do not extend wider than your temples. If the sunglass lenses (not the surrounding structure, but the lenses) are wider than your face – the sunglasses are too big!

Decoding Lens Sizes: Navigating the cumbersome world of sunglass sizing can be perplexing, particularly online. A cheat sheet of “small” lens sizes for various silhouettes are below:

  • Round, wayfarer, and Hexagonal Metal Frame: 48mm & 47mm
  • Cat Eye: 52mm
  • Aviator: 55mm

When shopping for sunglasses for smaller faces, look for lens sizes that are in line with the above to ensure the sunglasses are ACTUALLY small.  

Tip: If the lens size isn't listed, assume it's average or large. Small lenses are unfortunately not easy to find. 


  1. Materials Matter: Acetate vs. Metal

The Dilemma: Both materials can complement smaller features, it comes down to which style you most like the look of.

 IF you are looking for a new pair of acetate sunglasses that are small fit, beware of the current trend of very thick acetate (ex: Jacques Marie Mage). Very thick acetate will likely overpower smaller facial proportions. Opt for 6mm to 8mm acetate thickness to strike the perfect balance. Acetate thickness, if it is very thick, should be listed under “product details” on the product page of the ecommerce site for the sunglasses.

 Jacques Marie Mage 10mm thick acetate sunglass frame, illustrating that 10mm thick acetate is often overwhelming to smaller and petite facial features. Also shown is where to find material thickness within a product description on ecommerce.


The Malleable Magic of Cellulose Acetate: Choosing an acetate frame? Look specifically for "Cellulose acetate" or "Bio acetate” Frame material. Cellulose acetate and bio acetate are both a more sustainable plastic option, derived from cotton and wood pulp. These acetates have malleable properties, allowing customization through heating (using hot water or hair dryer). For example, to achieve the perfect fit behind the ears, you can gently heat and mold the temple tips of your glasses for the perfect fit. This makes cellulose acetate a great choice for people who might need a little tailoring to their sunglass arms. 



  1. Seek Inspiration from Peers: Instagram Influence

Instagram as Your Eyewear Ally: Navigate the eyewear landscape by finding a petite blogger or influencer with a similar face shape. Use their profile as a guide to discover frames that harmonize with your features.


Or, if you are thinking of buying a specific sunglass frame, use pinterest, Instagram, google, or Tik Tok as a search engine. For example, you can search “Celine Triomphe sunglasses” and see how they look on the majority of people who tagged those sunglasses specifically on their posts. If you know your face is smaller than average, and the sunglasses you searched look oversized on most people – it is a fair bet that they will be very oversized on your small face.


  1. Strategic Shopping: Brands and Return Policies

Smart Shopping Strategies: If you know the small face struggle, you know it is daunting to buy sunglasses for the first time online, because generally sunglasses do not fit you. For this reason, it is important to:

  • Free Shipping/Returns: Opt for websites offering free shipping and returns for a risk-free shopping experience.
  • Explore Petite-Focused Brands: Memorí, Celine, Ahlem, and Sunski are brands known to cater to smaller sizes.



  1. Not every pair of sunglasses fits every lifestyle.

Understanding Your Use Case: Consider your most frequent use case to align your sunglasses with your lifestyle:

  • Brunch/Shopping/Out & About: Opt for round or hexagonal styles, or classic Wayfarers for a chic look.
  • Driving/Sporty Activities: Choose aviators or wrap-around styles for enhanced peripheral vision.
  • Fashion/Drama: Acetate frames, especially cat-eye styles, add a touch of drama. Embrace '90s-inspired rectangular frames for a bold statement.


 3 examples of different sunglass frame silhouettes to suit different lifestyle situations - such as a hexagonal pair of sunglasses for brunch, aviators for driving (as they block out more light) and acetate cat-eyes for fashion/drama situations.

If you know the struggle, you’ve known it for your whole life. It is incredibly hard to find stylish, high-quality sunglasses in smaller sizes that flatter those with small heads / small faces.

Now armed with these insights from a sunglass brand owner who also struggled to find sunglasses small enough to fit their face, Embark on your journey to find the perfect sunglasses that not only fit flawlessly but also elevate your personal style.


Do you have any other tips that help you to find small sunglasses to fit your petite face? Let us know in the comments!!


Happy exploring!





Note: This comprehensive guide is brought to you by Memorí, your trusted companion in the world of small sized, small batch sunglasses.


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