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When To Wear Polarized Sunglasses

a side-by-side image of the glare you would experienced wearing non-polarized glasses vs. polarized. Polarized glasses dramatically reduce glare and a great for fishing. Memorí eyewear has the best selection of small size polarized sunglasses.

What are polarized lenses? Are polarized lenses the best fit for your lifestyle? Do polarized lenses really work, or is it all marketing?


In this blog post, we'll guide you through the thought process to decide the lenses that are best for you.


Short Recommendation:

Pick Polarized If: You know you want to wear your sunglasses fishing, skiing, and in other environments where elimination of glare improves performance.

 Skip Polarized If: You don’t spend a lot of time doing water and snow sports, and often use screens (phone, TV, laptop) while you are wearing your sunglasses.


Polarized Lenses: The Pinnacle of Glare Reduction


  1. Glare Elimination: Polarized lenses are masterful at reducing glare from reflective surfaces like water, roads, and snow. This makes them ideal for outdoor activities, such as boating, skiing, or driving, where glare can be blinding.
  2. Enhanced Visual Clarity: By filtering out horizontal light waves, polarized lenses enhance contrast and provide sharper, more vivid visuals.
  3. Reduced Eye Strain: With less squinting and straining in conditions that would generally have a glare, your eyes stay more relaxed, making polarized lenses an excellent choice for extended wear in bright conditions.


  1. Limitations with Screens: Polarized lenses can sometimes interfere with viewing LCD screens, making it challenging to read certain digital displays (think: Phone, Laptop, TV).
  2. Reduced Visibility of Some Hazards: In rare cases, polarized lenses might reduce the visibility of certain hazards like patches of ice, which can appear less distinct due to reduced glare.


Non-Polarized Lenses with Anti-Glare Coating: Versatile and Clear


  1. Versatility: Non-polarized lenses are highly versatile and suitable for all lighting conditions. They work well indoors and outdoors without compromising visibility.
  2. Compatible with Digital Screens: Unlike polarized lenses, non-polarized lenses with an anti-glare coating don't interfere with screen visibility. This makes them a better choice for those who spend a lot of time using electronic devices.


  1. Limited Glare Reduction: While they reduce some glare, especially with an anti-glare coating, non-polarized lenses may not offer the same level of glare reduction as polarized lenses in extremely bright, reflective environments.


Choosing the Right Fit: Polarized or Non-Polarized?

  • Polarized Lenses: Opt for polarized lenses when you're frequently exposed to intense glare, such as during water activities, driving in bright sunlight, or participating in snow sports. They're the top choice for those seeking uncompromised visual clarity in high-glare situations.
  • Non-Polarized Lenses with Anti-Glare Coating: These are an excellent all-around option, suitable for everyday wear and versatile enough to handle various lighting conditions. If you value compatibility with digital screens and don't frequently encounter extreme glare, non-polarized lenses with anti-glare coating may be the better fit.


The choice between polarized and non-polarized lenses comes down to lifestyle and the environments where you spend most of your time. There is no bad choice, both are equipped to provide the same level of UVA/UVB exposure, and from a fashion perspective, polarized lenses look no different within a pair of sunglasses as non-polarized.


At Memorí, most of our collections are non-polarized, high-quality lenses with anti-glare coating. Although we do have a selection of polarized options, we want to optimize materials for the way sunglasses will most often be used, which is often looking at screens more than water.


Follow us for upcoming news and new collections – you never know, we might drop a line of all polarized fishing and boating glasses sooner than you think!

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