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Women’s Sunglasses for Small Faces

Image of model wearing small fit aviator sunglasses with light brown, almost yellow lenses. Aviators have a tortoise shell pattern acetate rim, and are smaller than the average pair of sunglasses to complement the model's petite face and features.

Are you on the quest for the perfect women’s sunglasses designed for smaller faces? Look no further! If the struggle of oversized sunglasses sounds familiar, it's time to explore petite eyewear options that cater to your face width. Let's dive into the world of small-face-friendly sunglasses, categorized by face shape.


Small Faces, Big Style: Navigating the Options

  1. Best Cat-Eye Sunglasses for Small Faces:

When seeking Cat-Eye sunglasses, aim for a lens width of 50-54mm, ensuring a smaller fit without compromising style. The ideal lens width for petite Cat-Eye sunglasses is between 51mm and 53mm.

  • Memorí Cat Eye Sunglasses: A classic silhouette from an independent brand, perfect for an elegant look.
  • Les Specs - “The Last Lolita” Cat Eye: With a 51mm lens, it offers a petite fit at a very affordable price.Memorí cat eye sunglasses for small faces are shown on the left, in black, tortoise, and ivory. Le Specs cat eyes are shown on the right.


  1. Best Aviator Sunglasses for Small Faces:

The classic aviator shape is ubiquitous, making it challenging to find a smaller pair. Focus on lens widths, ranging from 46-62mm. Our favorite small aviators:

  • Memorí Aviator: Handmade acetate sheaths, intricate metal detailing, an elevated version designed specifically for smaller faces. Memorí Aviator sunglasses with 55mm lens (small size) shown on model as one of the best sunglass options for small faces


  1. Best Round Sunglasses for Small Faces:

If you have a petite face, round metal sunglasses are a go-to, avoiding the "Bug Eye" look. Look for 46, 47, or 48mm lens sizes for a smaller-than-average fit.

  • Garrett Leight: Wilson Sun (46mm): Elegant and understated with acetate sheath rim and elaborate metal temple hinges.
  • Memorí Round Sunglasses (48mm): Designed for small faces, featuring ceramic metallic nose pads, a geometric nose bridge, and scalloped temples for a touch of edge. On the Left, Memorí round sunglasses for small faces are shown. On the right, Garret Leight round sunglasses. Both have smaller than average lenses and are a great choice for small, narrow, and petite faces.


Conclusion: Precise fit elevates your style and does not stop at clothing

Let’s Face it – Onse size does NOT fit all.


Say goodbye to ill-fitting sunglasses and embrace styles crafted for petite faces. The emphasis on face width over face shape ensures a flawless fit, allowing you to express your style with confidence. It can be challenging to understand the lens size that generally best fits your facial proportions in each sunglass shape. Once you figure it out, shopping for sunglasses will be easy to do online!


Explore our carefully curated selection of small fit sunglasses on Memorí, and rest assured that every pair has been designed specifically for your smaller features.

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