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Rising Miami Sunglasses Brand, Memorí, Shines at Miami Swim Week

Rising Miami Sunglasses Brand, Memorí, Shines at Miami Swim Week

Miami, FL – June 2024 –


Hot new Miami sunglasses brand, Memorí, made a splash at this year's Miami Swim Week, marking its debut at the renowned event. Despite being a newcomer in the industry, having only been shipping for two months, Memorí quickly gained attention and admiration from fashion enthusiasts, models, and industry insiders.


Participating in Miami Swim Week for the first time, Memorí showcased their small fit, small batch sunglasses designs through a series of pop-up shops and industry events. The brand's presence was felt throughout the weekend, as they engaged with models, photographers, and fashion influencers.



 The combination of vibrant pop-up shops and strategic networking at key industry events allowed Memorí to connect directly with its target audience of people who appreciate handmade luxury goods, travel often, and who love to be “in the know”, wearing rare and hard to find items.

Fashion industry professionals were particularly drawn to the brand's clearly defined niche, and shocked to hear that Memorí does no paid marketing or influencer collaborations. This is in stark contrast to the overwhelming majority of Miami based swimwear, skincare, and beachwear brands who were giving away thousands of dollars of merchandise at the gifting suite next door to where Memorí sunglasses were being sold.




Founder and Creative director of Memorí, Kari Dowiak, expressed excitement about the brand's successful debut at the event:

"If there is one thing Miami appreciates – it’s exclusivity. I think people are resonating with Memorí because it is completely going against the grain of what most brands do. Influencers and celebrities are walking in here with 30-40lbs of free products from the gifting suite next door – and then spending $330 on Memorí sunglasses. WHY? Because they want to be one of the few – and one of the first – to get their hands on a pair… and they aren’t going to get them for free...

Celine, Loewe, and Prada are all hot sunglasses labels right now, but the reality is that tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of the same exact sunglasses are being circulated by those brands. Walking around Miami in those common labels, you will pass multiple people wearing the same sunglasses as you. VS – in Memorí, you are highly unlikely to ever find another person wearing the same. We do ultra small-batch artisanal production, usually around 30-40pcs per frame, and when they sell out, that’s it.”.



Each pair of sunglasses is handmade in Italy with meticulous attention to detail. Every pair has a small fit, specifically designed to enhance smaller and petite faces. The brand's niche sizing has quickly set it apart in the competitive eyewear market, while the $330 retail value for 100% handmade in Italy sunglasses, paired with a genuine leather handmade case, make it an outrageously enticing deal.


The brand's pop-up shops were buzzing with activity, drawing in a steady stream of visitors eager to try on the latest designs and learn more about the story behind what inspired someone to create a small fit only sunglasses company. 



The success of Memorí at Miami Swim Week is a testament to both influencer burnout, and Memorí’s potential as a sunglasses brand. With plans to continue organic expansion of its presence both locally and internationally, Memorí is poised to become the next hot “iykyk” brand.


For more information about Memorí and to shop the latest collections, visit LINK.



Memorí is a Miami-based sunglasses brand dedicated to designing sunglasses for smaller face shapes. Founded in 2023, Memorí aims to provide beautifully designed, sustainably made sunglasses to people who generally struggle to find sunglasses small enough to fit their face.



Contact Information

Kari Dowiak
Founder & Creative Director, Memorí
Email: Kari@memorí

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