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Small Cat Eye Sunglasses: At Last!

Small Cat Eye Sunglasses: At Last!

If you are a member of the small face club, you know what a struggle it is to find sunglasses that truly complement your features. You’ve also probably noticed that it is particularly impossible to find cat eye sunglasses that are small enough to look elegant. Most likely, they are too wide and overwhelm your face, leaving you looking a bit like a bug.

 The founder of Memorí knew the small face struggle so well, that she designed Cat Eye sunglasses specifically for small / petite faces.

Memorí Cat Eye sunglasses are the best small cat eyes on the market. These small fit Cat Eyes earn the #1 spot for petite faces because not only were they designed with a smaller than industry standard fit, but they are also handmade in Italy out of the finest possible materials. 


Signs that Memorí Small Fit Cat Eyes will fit you:

  • You have had sunglasses completely fall off of your face when you look down
  • Your sunglasses typically slide down your nose or are not fully secure when you move
  • Lenses of sunglasses usually extend beyond your temples
  • A finger fits between your temple (in front of ear) and the arm piece of your sunglasses
  • Hats need to be XS or S to fit your head

^If you resonate with more than one of the above bullet points, it is very likely that you have a small face. Our Cat Eye sunglasses will likely fit you perfectly, feel very comfortable, and aesthetically look much better on your face than a pair of Cat Eye sunnies from a big brand.

Before/After examples of Memorí Cat Eyes on small/narrow faces:



Memorí small fit Cat Eyes come in 3 colors:

  1. Ivory Cat Eye Sunglasses: Glamorous, Bubbly, Playful, Retro, Bridal. Style with a complete Ivory ensemble to make the boldest fashion statement. 
  1. Tortoise Cat Eye Sunglasses: Elegant, Versatile, Vintage, Warm. The deep warm brown hues in the Mazzucchelli cellulose acetate frame make this the perfect neutral that isn’t actually neutral. 
  2. Black Cat Eye Sunglasses: Evergreen, Timeless, Edgy, Unapproachable. Every woman needs a classic pair of black sunglasses in her wardrobe – for those of us with a small face, these are them. 



Memorí Cat Eye sunglasses are 100% Handmade in Italy by skilled craftsmen. The frame is made of cellulose acetate, a high-end type of plastic that is derived from cotton and wood pulp instead of petroleum. In addition to this being better for the environment than an average plastic, the makeup of this cellulose acetate has a much nicer hand feel and holds much deeper color hues (particularly noticeable in the tortoise color frame) than simple petrol based plastics.

The lenses are also excellent quality CR lenses, with 100% UVA/UVB protection. Hinges have multiple barrels for stability, and to keep your Memoríes protected from scratches, we include a genuine leather, handmade, velvet-lined case.


Try Risk-Free for 60 Days

We offer free shipping and free returns for 60 days on all Memorí sunglasses. Memorí exists for one reason – Because people with small faces deserve to have high-end sunglasses that fit them, too. Bonus? Because we only make sunglasses in small sizes and have ultra-small batch production runs, you’ll make all of your average-size face friends jealous.


Remember, sunglasses aren't just an accessory - they're also a medical device to keep your eyes healthy. Any time you are shopping for new sunglasses, Even if it isn’t with us, be sure the lenses have “100% UVA/UVB” protection or “UV400” protection (they mean the same thing) – otherwise you risk damaging your eyes. Every pair of Memorí sunglasses comes with UV400 protection.



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